The Cath Latch

Cath Latch uses unique microarray technology, providing single-use adhesive-free securement to the skin. Using a simple, click on to secure, and click off to release this catheter is both patient and clinician friendly and cost-effective.

Compatible With

Accomodates a multitude of Hub and French sizes

Product Overview

Ease of Use


User presses down and pinches from each side.

Both Sides Slide Simultaneously

Snap Locks Into Place & Engages Microarrays


User pinches and pulls from each side to open.

Flexible Arms Deform

Slides Apart

Full access for Hub removal and redundancy to prevent re-use

Sequence of Use

Step 1

Colour-coded posts allow for easy and convenient hub location

Step 2

Lid is partially closed and the Cath Latch is then positioned over the skin attachment site

Step 3

Foam pad is removed and using a single-hand the Cath Latch is introduced over the skin attachment site

Step 4

A simple and intuitive clicking action used for simultaneously securing the hub and microneedles to the skin. ‘Click and Secure’

Step 5

To release the user simply grips and pulls apart the Cath Latch, releasing both device and hub in one fluid and intuitive motion

Closed Device

Hub is removed and device folds over on itself ready for safe disposal.

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